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It is not too late to catch the Kokeshi Doll Tsunami wave.
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Here is a Gjurasic Classic, from a time when my best friend wrote  and I illustrated  for Tablet Magazine in Seattle.
Circa 2002(?)



Splash, 2012


Total Solar Eclipse, 5/20/12


One of my wonderful 19" kokeshi doll dreamcatchers that is a reward for a $150 gift towards my Kickstarter goal. It is hand woven, with handmade glow in the dark beads and hand painted wooden beads painted like little kokeshi doll heads. I only have a limited amount of these dreamcatchers to give in return for your generosity.

More about my project Kokeshi Doll Tsunami:



Yoko Ono and I clearly have an obsession with each other. She answered the question I submitted live in front of an audience last night in New York City.
 Read more here. Answer below. All thanks to Twitter.

Lex Gjurasic ‏ @
What colour are your bed sheets and do they bring your sweet dreams?

They are mostly white and some pastel colors.



Spray, 2012


I made this just now. Thank me later. Share it freely.
Of course I am a supporter breast feeding.


Tasukete! Help me make prints! I want to share my painting "Kokeshi Doll Tsunami" with more people but I need more funds to make prints. You can help me make prints by supporting my Kickstarter Project which launched today. You can earn super rewards for your donation including your own copy of the print for less than the retail cost. For more info go here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gjurasic/kokeshi-doll-tsunami-prints


Engaged, 2012

After 3yrs. together and two kids later they finally decided to get married. I don't know who they are but I was there. And I took this photo.


Shopping Mall, Lapad, Croatia 2009


Sand Sketches, 2011


Midnight Snuggle, 2012


Spill Over, 2012


    Velvet Elvis Art's Lounge, 1995(?)     

I was at the very first Foo-Fighter's show. Now I have the proof! We were so close to Dave Grohl that his guitar string scratched my best friend in the face! I'm the person in the lower, far right corner with short hair. Based on my hair length and who I'm there with I'm guessing it was 1994 or 1995. 

This photo is part of the Experience Music Project's official achieve.
 I dug it up off of VEAL's Facebook page. 
Those were the days!


Little Feathers, 2012


Images From Video Installation/ Possum VS. Eagle, 2012


Detail of Funeral Bouquet For Mary Han

Inspired by traditional Korean funeral bouquets.


Spotty Bush, mixed media on paper, 22" x 30", 2012

Spotty Bush Sculpture, mixed media including plaster, paper and paint, 2009
Another painting/drawing of one of my sculptures.


Holes, 2012


Puffball Plant, mixed media on paper 22"x 30", 2012

Puffball Plant Sculpture, approx 2' x 1', mixed media including plaster and acrylic paint, 2009
From a new series of paintings/drawings that are loosely based on a sculptures I made in 2009.